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Adrian (Andy) Assinck worked as a contractor for 34 + years through Assinck Contracting where he built a lasting relationship with his clientèle.   With his customers’ needs in mind he was asked to create an enclosure system that would sustain all kinds of weather.   Dream View Enclosures Inc. started in 2010.

Dream View Enclosures (DVE) is one of very few manufacturers of large ventilation, self-storing systems, and the only one known to offer 100% airflow, or  with an unobstructed view right to the floor, while still being able to meet and exceed safety levels necessary from the Ontario building codes. Engineering testing shows that DVE exceed wind load standards for Ontario. . When the panels are in service location they can sustain and withstand the winds and turbulence of weather conditions.  Wrought iron railings can also be installed between the screen and panels for added safety features.

The light weight clear shutter panels moved simply by lifting and lowing from their storage pockets.  These virtually unbreakable clear shutter panels, offer a 10 year warranty as standard and can be custom ordered for extend life as well as tinted or frosted.

Dream View Enclosures systems offered in two (2) product styles,  the Hide Away style (panels stored behind sidings) or the Trim to Fit style with custom self-storing clear panels with a screen.

The enclosures are created in  the elegance and simplicity of the natural wood frame, with three (3) material types. and  Lexan clear shutters and with a  screen that does not restrict view.

The simplicity is in the frame work, as it attaches to your existing  or new structure, creating a narrow track to retain the shutter panels by their predetermined stops located to your custom needs with a screen stretch tight in our custom integral  screen spline track.

 Dream View Enclosures clear self-storing shutter system provides you with protection from the elements.  Once installed, the light weight and clear shutter panels  create a weather barrier that offers safety and protection for your family so you can enjoy the comfort with the convenience of an insect free environment.  A Dream View Enclosure provides you with economical extended seasonal  space  with the advantage of an atmosphere of outdoor living and a year round weather barrier.

Dream View Enclosures can be utilized in many different applications from screen rooms, gazebos,  hot tub enclosures, ocean front wind and salt barriers and screened structures on docks.  This system is unaffected by movement and shifting grounds in frost or settling and is adaptable almost anywhere.

Dream View Enclosures provides a prefabricated knock down enclosure units for ease of delivery and on site installation.

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